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What are Google Adsense? Every thing you need to know about Google Adsense

First of all I want you to welcome to my blog. This is “Ytv tube” blog and we have a YouTube Channel to. If you want to see my YouTube Channel click here. What is Google Adsense? Most People are Confused with the Term “Ads” in which it means “Adsense” and mostly Google one. Google Adsense is a way of getting a ton of money, through a website or a YouTube Channel. Before we talk about How and why it works , I want you all to know that Google Adsense is one of the most Profit able programs on the Web. How does Google Adsense? Google Adsense will give you a code that will be pasted on your website. When your Website come to live meaning when it is connected to the serve or easily saying when it is on the Internet, those Codes will start to show Ads and Those Ads will make money Per one click. Notice here that any person don’t even need to buy or any thing on the Google Adsense like Affiliate marking, but just with one click depending on other matter you will get $0.1 - $
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How to Create a Youtube account? Step by Step 2020

If your question is how to create a YouTube channel then i want you to know you have comed to the right place. This is Ytv tube Blog if you want to check out Ytv tube YouTube channel click here . Now let get to the point. IF you want to create a YouTube channel you need to follow this steps. 1)  Gmail Account First you need a Gmail. If you have one go and Sign in. 2) Creating your Channel Now click on your account and go to Setting. Click on "Add or Manage your Channel(s) " Well if you are first for this it will ask you automatically to choose a brand name or use your account  name as your YouTube account. Now you will see something like Those other are my channels that i have Created. Now as i said if this is your first time it will ask you automatically but if it isn't, it willn't so go and Click the Button "Create a new Channel". 3) Naming your Channel  now enter your channel name. Use a brand name or channel. meaning use you